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We curate a diverse range of industry-leading solutions that covers the entire cybersecurity ecosystem, including but not limited to the following solutions:

Industries We Serve

Here are some of the key industries we provide solutions to.

Research and Development

We are committed to solving industry gaps by building our own products.

Polaris - Web Security

Polaris uses a next-generation AI engine to monitor and analyse website and API traffic. Robust and adaptable, it reduces false alarms with increased threat detection accuracy.

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GStacks - PaaS

GStacks is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud hosting service using container technology to improve DevOps productivity while optimising costs with elastic-scaling instances.

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Pangaea - Threat Intelligence

Pangaea monitors the activities of East Asian threat actors across multiple platform including the dark web, closed groups and illicit marketplaces using proprietary crawling technology.

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Building An Extensive And Effective Cybersecurity Solution

Here at GROUP8, we journey with businesses as they meet potential cybersecurity concerns and challenges. With our team, be assured that our robust cybersecurity ecosystem will protect your digital assets. With an array of web solutions, whether you are looking for stable web protection services or extensive phishing detection, we are your one-stop solution for cyber defence services.

Besides existing systems and applications, the team constantly curates ideas for more productive solutions. We believe in innovating systems to foster tighter security on your data. We conduct Research and Development (R&D) to constantly improve web security to ensure that our clients assets are always protected. Our major focus is on improving our Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven web application firewall, ensuring that it monitors and accurately blocks all possible threats. Together with effective firewall protection, your digital assets are kept close: within your sight and out of reach from external threats.

Each business has different needs and threats, as such, we strive to provide top-tier cybersecurity services to all industries across and beyond Singapore as CREST-certified company. GROUP8, primarily caters to fintech businesses, e-commerce platforms and regulated institutions. If your business lies in any of these industries, there’s more reason to leave your web security up to us and be liberated from any emerging threats. With our suite of solutions, which include vulnerability assessments, phishing detection, etc. - and constant R&D keeping an eye out for rising threats, you can count on our team to address your every concern.

Our highly qualified team is ready to analyse your company’s cybersecurity requirements and goals. Tap on our cyber security expertise to identify and respond to cyber threats and other concerns you might have. By designing a comprehensive service that is a perfect fit for your business, you can depend on us to support your company’s cyber security posture. To enquire about our company’s services, you can either drop an email to hello@group8.co or send us a message through our online enquiry form.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

General Information

Based out of Singapore, we have served customers globally. Our clients are predominantly located in Southeast Asia.
So long as a company has digitalised any aspect of its operations or established its presence in cyberspace, a sound cybersecurity programme is instrumental, not just beneficial, to its business continuity. If your organisation has not done so, we highly recommend that you carefully consider your cybersecurity requirements and options sooner than later.

Our cybersecurity solutions are tailorable to meet the diverse needs of companies across various industries. At present, we primarily provide cybersecurity services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the government sector, fintech companies, firms who engage in cryptocurrency trading and internet-first (e.g, e-commerce, e-sports) businesses.

You can send us a message through our online form or email us at hello@group8.co if you are interested in a quality and thorough diagnosis of your system’s or network’s exploitable vulnerabilities.
GROUP8’s suite of industry-leading offerings covers the entire cybersecurity ecosystem. Some of our key services are as follows:

  • Web security: We help you to defend your websites, web applications, web servers and web services like APIs against Internet-based threats, using penetration tests and tools like our in-house developed Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) software, Polaris. Polaris provides a Web Application Firewall (WAF) which automates the monitoring of trends and traffic across your web applications to predict and prevent cyber-attacks.
  • Penetration testing: Also known as ethical hacking, we conduct an authorised hacking simulation to sieve out weaknesses in your system and network that are critical and likely to be exploited by malicious cyber actors. For more information on our penetration testing and VAPT service, click here.
  • Phishing detection services: We help you to identify, analyse, prevent and counter Phishing and Account Takeover attacks. These attacks are a form of social engineering in which scammers may impersonate your organisation’s digital brand with fake sites and domains to scam your customers into divulging sensitive information.
  • Blockchain security: We strengthen the risk management system for your blockchain network by providing security controls like smart contract audits, secure communications solutions and hardware secured digital asset vaults.
  • Threat intelligence: We proactively monitor, collect and analyse information on pre-existing and potential cyber threats to your organisation to understand the intentions, goals and methods of malicious hackers. We are able to do so primarily with our in-house developed offensive security tool Pangaea, which employs proprietary web crawling technology. Using the gathered data, you can formulate data-backed and better-prepared security measures.
If you would like to engage us for a particular cybersecurity solution, do send us a message via our website form or email us at hello@group8.co.
As per our philosophy — “Offensive-Inspired Cyber Defence” — we adopt a proactive, not reactive, approach towards safeguarding organisations’ assets, data, devices, networks and systems. Our clients can trust in the effectiveness of our cybersecurity solutions because they are supported by an unparalleled threat intelligence visibility and decades’ worth of experience in the industries of Artificial Intelligence (AI), information security and defence.

In understanding that the danger of cyber-attacks lay heavily with the continual innovation of their operators, we also invest heavily in our cybersecurity Research and Development (R&D) department to ensure that our clients stay abreast and ahead of looming cyber threats.
As stated in our Data Protection Policy, we may collect, use or disclose your organisational data for the purpose of performing obligations in the course of delivering our cybersecurity services to you. We practise a high level of discretion in determining what organisational data is appropriate to retrieve from you, and how said information is to be retrieved.

We strive to safeguard the confidentiality of your organisational information as per the law and the legitimate interests of our stakeholders while we store and transmit it. To guard your organisational data from unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or similar risks, we have implemented appropriate administrative, physical and technical measures such as up-to-date antivirus protection, encryption, and disclosing your organisational data both internally and to our authorised third-party service providers and agents only on a need-to-know basis.

As part of our Data Retention Policy, we will hold onto your organisational data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose of our cybersecurity services, or as required or permitted by relevant laws.
Cybersecurity is crucial since it guards all of a business's data against damage and theft, including sensitive information, personal data, protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), data pertaining to intellectual property, and information systems used by the government and businesses. Your organisation is unable to protect itself from data breach threats without trusted cybersecurity services, making it a desirable target for cybercriminals.
The following are the top three benefits of choosing cybersecurity solutions for your company:

  1. Financial loss prevention – Easy access to financial accounts and other direct ways to take money from companies are sought-after targets for cybercriminals.
  2. Protection against identity theft – Your network is full of information that can be used for identity theft and other types of fraud, including confidential company documents, personnel files, and emails.
  3. Protection from client data loss – When vast quantities of confidential client information are compromised and sold to a third party, privacy intrusions can occur on a massive scale.
In addition to cybercriminals and hackers, companies that utilise unethical tactics to compete may use stolen data to discredit rivals or obstruct their activities. Individuals may be terrorised for various reasons, such as to sabotage their job, intimidate them, or spy on them.

You run a higher chance of an online security crisis if you don't have the assurance of state-of-the-art defences. Keep control over who has access to your network and reduce your vulnerability to exploitation with Group8's cybersecurity services.